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half & full day workshops for beginners

Gentle paced workshops for beginners to learn the basics and improve the key digital photography skills.

To get more out of your camera and take better pictures, we wil guide you from shooting in Automatic mode. to using the different manual modes, learning how to better compose for particular scenes, how to shoot and use Raw files, how to shoot better Jpegs and how to edit photos.

who is it for and how it works

The classroom-based courses are aimed at beginners photographers. We offer advanced workshops lead by full-time Professional Photographers specialising in Landscape and Environmental photography.

We run the beginners workshops in half or full-day format,  and break classroom instruction into 15min blocks with lots of hands-on practical shooting.  It is possible to attend either half of a full day or the full day.


  • First Half - Classroom based at Casa Sanz studio and grounds above Pou Clar gorge - 4 Hours
    - Coffee, welcome pastries, snacks and soft drinks included
    - Lunch can be booked for an optional 15€

  • Second Half - Photo Walk or Photo Bike ride - In the Ontinyent area - 4 Hours
    We practise and hone the skills acquired in the classroom.
    - Bike hire is available
    - Lunch can be booked for an optional 15€
    - Ride snacks included and water supplied
    - Post walk or ride dinner can be booked for an optional 25€


  • Full day - includes one A4 print (can be several images)

    Half-Day - Classroom - 50
    €  / Half Day - Photo Walk or Ride 50
    Full day including lunch - 100€

    Additional Photo prints from 20€ for A4 (Professional Prograf Printer on Pigment Ink & Fine Art Paper)

    Groups are limited to a maximum of 4-8 people, depending on the course and we'll have the opportunity to shoot the amazing landscapes and mountains of the Serra Mariola, the vineyards of the Valencian 'tuscany' , as well as historic towns such as Bocairent and Xativa


Exposure - Level 1
Taking a photo

Understand how your camera takes photos and how to use the different functions effectively.

Camera basics
Exposure basics
Focus distance
Depth of Field
Shutter speed
Exposure Compensation


Exposure - Level 2
Taking better photos

Building on Level 1 skils and an introduction to some advanced techniques.
Crop Factor
Exposing for different scenes
Lens choice
Focus Stacking
ND Filters



Composition - Level 1

Crafting a photo

Transfering our technical skills to the art of image making.

Simplify the scene
Filling the Frame
Getting closer

Leading Lines
Rule of Thirds
Negative Space
Using a Wide Angle Lens

Using a Portrait Lens
Using a Telephoto Lens


Composition - Level 2

Crafting different photos

An introduction to:

Long exposure
Macro photography
Double Exposure
Bokeh Panoramas
Low Light


Editing - make a digital image
In camera and apps

Introduction to getting in right in camera and editing your images in mobile apps and desktop apps.

Shooting for JPEGS
Shooting for RAWs
Highlight and Shadow adjustments
HSL colour adjustments
Haze and Clarity



Essential Kit

Cameras are often supplied with a 'slow' kit lens. Some are good, some less so. We introduce you to a range of options and outline where kit can help and when it does not, so you can make better-informed choices for your camera and lens purchases.. 

Zoom lens

Prime Lens

Field of View - different focal lengths
Bokeh, Sharpness, Rendering , Flare etc

Premium 1.4 Primes - classroom testing
Small primes
1.4 vs 1.8 vs 2.8 - what are the differences

Manual Focus

Ultra wide angle
Building a lens kit


alcoy bridge.jpg

Workflow and Raw files

Shooting in raw format and editing images need not be scary and can lead to a step change in the quality of your images, opening up creative opportunities.  We introduce you to a simple and adaptable workflow to get you started.


Managing your Images
Importing and culling
RAW Processing - Free software and Premium Software
Noise Reduction
Basic Image Editing

Exporting for digital media
Exporting for print


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